Shiner Tasting – Texas Beer meets local Texans

Shiner Tasting

Shiner Brewery

The place:  Falmouth Wine & Spirits

The time: Monday at 6:00pm

The players – Shiner Brewery Side: 

  • Shiner White Wing
  • Shiner Ruby Red
  • Shiner Prickly Pear
  • Shiner Bock

The players – local Texans:

  • Laurel, Johanna, Dave, Olivia, Sheri, Norm, Chip, Crystal

The Scene

Tasting room at the wine shop, palate cleanser of Lays Tortilla Chips (from Texas) and freshly made queso (ask any Texan, but we got the recipe from Olivia, one of the local Texans – thank you Olivia!) and the Shiner brews vs. the once-Texans now Falmouth-ites.

The Challenge

What Shiner beer or beers should Falmouth Wine & Spirits carry?

The tasters were ready, the queso was hot and the beer was cold.  We tasted White Wing first – it got nods of it’s okay on the first sip to hmmm, not bad on the third.  We all had seconds.

Next up was Ruby Red.  Johanna summed it up best – “perfect tubing beer”.  Most of the tasters were not impressed, especially since it’s tough to tube on the Coonamessett River.

Then came Prickly Pear – no one ranked this as their favorite, and most ranked it last.  Smelled like cough syrup and tasted very sweet.  The nicest thing said about it is that it’s like our lobster ice cream – great for tourists.

Finally, Shiner’s flagship beer, their Bock.  Now THAT is a beer Texans love!  We are about to post a sign “Shiner Bock Sold Here”  Come try it – the local Texans ranked it first.

The winners:  Shiner Bock and Shiner White Wing

The Shiner Line-up

Tasting line-up; queso, chips, Shiner

Olivia & her famous queso dip

Olivia & her famous queso dip

Texans - Laurel, Jo, Dave, Olivia, Sheri, Norm, Chip, Crystal

Local Texans – Laurel, Jo, Dave, Olivia, Sheri, Norm, Chip, Crystal


Shiner Beer winning order & votes

Shiner Beer winning order & votes







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