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He Said She Said – Ommegang Gnomegang

Beer of the Week – Ommegang Gnomegang


Read what Beer Advocate says about Brewery Ommengang’s Belgian Strong Pale Ale, or what Colin (he) and Meghan (she) say about it.


He Said Colin KulisHe Said

I liked this.  It was a lot lighter than I thought it would be.  I liked the yeast, the citrus and the spice flavors in it.  It tasted and felt more like a farmhouse ale than a Belgian blonde.  Definitely on the light side of blonde.  I would drink this all summer.

She Said Meghan Hanawalt

She Said

I tried this beer at a beer tasting, and brought it into the store I enjoyed it so much.  The bouquet and color are wonderful.  Yeasty, slightly sweet smell.  Slightly cloudy.  The taste did not disappoint, and was enjoyable from start to finish.

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