He Said She Said Mayflower Thanksgiving Ale

Beer of the Week – Mayflower Thanksgiving Ale

Read what Beer Advocate says about it, or what Colin (he) and Meghan (she) say.

Mayflower Thanksgiving Ale


He Said Colin Kulis

He Said

Good if you like amber ales without too much hoppy explosiveness.  I like the maltiness character to it.  It would go well with sweet potatoes or yams.

She Said Meghan Hanawalt

She Said

This beer is full of flavor.  I would have a tough time drinking it with Thanksgiving meal, but would pop one if I wanted to be transported to a Thanksgiving set of thoughts.  I like the maltiness too.

We Said

Dogfish Head 1,000 Beer

Dogfish Head 1,000 Ale

Impressive beer.  The name is from 10 grains x 10 hops x 10% ABV.  Smoky quality in the background, nothing overpowering about it.  Very easy to drink, very smooth.  Could go with any food you are eating.  Must try!  Great color, scent, and taste!

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