He Said She Said – Lagunitas S@#$%s

Beer of the Week – Lagunitas S*%#@s (Brown Shugga Substitute Ale)


Read what Beer Advocate says about it, or what Colin (he) and Meghan (she) say.

Lagunitas Sucks brown Shugga' substitute ale

He Said Colin KulisHe Said

I agree with the Bros 88 Point rating for this beer.  I enjoyed underlying sweetness and citrus of it.  It did not take away from the hoppiness of the ale.  Definitely worth bringing to a gathering of friends.  It packs a nice punch.

She Said Meghan Hanawalt

She Said

This beer is FULL of flavor.  So bright and citrusy, with a flavor that lingers.  I didn’t get much of the hop taste.  I tried it cold, warm, one day and the next, and the flavor profile stayed the same to me.  Definitely want to share this beer.

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