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WINES BY Lalou Bize-Leroy

Bourgogne Rouge $62.99

Bourgogne Blanc $68.99

If you admire someone who sticks to their beliefs and upholds their craft to the highest standards, you will want to try these wines.  They have a rich history.

Marcelle (nick-named Lalou) at age 23 staring helping her father with his negociant business in 1955. Since then she has been a force in Burgundy. At one time Leroy had a 50% stake in Domaine Romanee-Conti, in 1974, Lalou became co-director. They parted ways in 1992 due to differences in her handling of the distribution and the Domaine’s involvement in the Judgement of Paris Wine Tasting.

Lalou considers her wines to be alive and feels they should be treated as such (stop by and read the back label for more information!).   Lalou overpays for the fruit she buys to ensure the wines live up to her standards.

She was honored in Wine Spectator’s 40th anniversary edition. Click to read the article.

Her wines are organic and produced with strict adherence to Biodynamic principles. In 1993 mildew began spreading throughout Burgundy, she lost half her crop and  her vineyard manager and winemaker quit because she refused to use pesticides. Two years later, Lalou’s wines were released to rave reviews!!!!

Many LeRoy wines are out of reach for all but the most avid Burgundy collectors due to availability and price. We are fortunate to get some of Maison Leroy’s entry level wines here and while they may not be everyday dinner wines, they are priced reasonably enough so they would be affordable for a special occasion or a gift for the Burgundy lover you know (Even if that Burgundy lover is you).


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